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We explained a challenging technological topic with our own animated short

The object was to come up with a video about robotic process automation from Soitron. Our task was to figure out how to visually present something that we can barely vocalise. The answer was to make an animation.

We knew that the final video shouldn’t be too long. So we first took a more unconventional approach and tried to draw the whole process out in images, and only then would we write a detailed voiceover for them.

Our creative idea was to transform a “robotic man” into a human being – thanks to software that takes on all the boring and tedious work. The main idea was to show that with RPA, employees no longer feel like machines, but can devote themselves fully to more creative activities. First, we used graphic design to render the whole environment and then we got it moving with the help of animation.

The animation helped us better explain the topic

The whole project, from coming up with the original concept and storyboarding to writing a script and creating original animations, was under our direction. In the video, we used isometric graphics, which breathed life into the animated characters and made a theme that’s generally difficult to understand more attractive and gimmicky.

“Although we were a little apprehensive about this new kind of video, as we hadn’t done such an animation before and couldn't imagine how collaboration on it would work, we weren't disappointed. We are pleased with the result, and for us as a client, the project was less time-consuming because we didn’t spend long hours shooting. It’s also worth noting that it represents a safe form of cooperation, especially these days, as everything took place online.” Ivana Kubašková

The video was a success and paved the way for creating the Czech-language version.

For the first time in a video, we used isometric graphics that depict objects from a high, 45-degree angle. Thanks to this unique perspective, the viewer gets a better idea about the depth of the depicted objects. Animating movement in this way is difficult, as we need to take the perspective into account.