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16. March 2023  |   Public Affairs

Mapping Out Post-election Scenarios: Slovaks Seek Stability and Healthcare Solutions

The expectation and hope for a better functioning government dominate the mood in Slovak society. The latest "Ako sa mate, Slovensko? (How are you, Slovakia?)" survey from late February 2023 reveals that more than 70% of people believe that the future government will be better equipped to provide stability and address their concerns. This sentiment is shared across all age and income groups. The data indicates a distinct public expectation directed towards the political representatives to collaboratively pursue tangible solutions and highlights the importance of responsive political leadership.

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Checkbot, Checkbot on the wall, who’s the most trustworthy of them all?

More than half of people living in Slovakia believe in conspiracy theories. False information from questionable online sources is easily spread through Facebook, which does woefully very little to stop it in its tracks. Since social media can’t seem to take care of fake news on its own, we decided to step in and help.