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2. February 2021  |   Employer Branding

Vaccinations and employers – a united front

Medical science has yet to find an effective cure for COVID-19 - so vaccinations are the only way forward for life to return to more-or-less normal. Yet many Slovaks and people around the world are unsure about the vaccine...with less than a third accepting a jab if it was offered today. Much of this uncertainty results from hoaxes and unreliable sources. And that's exactly where employers come in - as crucial information sources and appropriate responses. So will employers front up to this opportunity and responsibility?

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Checkbot, Checkbot on the wall, who’s the most trustworthy of them all?

More than half of people living in Slovakia believe in conspiracy theories. False information from questionable online sources is easily spread through Facebook, which does woefully very little to stop it in its tracks. Since social media can’t seem to take care of fake news on its own, we decided to step in and help.