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At Seesame, you are bound to find an experienced team of communication experts. We know what affects people’s behaviour and we do the right things that augment both relations and business results.

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Our team

Michaela Benedigová
Managing Director

Although Michaela has been working in marketing, PR and communication for 20 years, she never ceases to find pleasure in finding answers to intriguing business questions. Moreover, she still manages to maintain her ability to see problems in a broader context and “from above”. As the Seesame Managing Director, she motivates her colleagues to not settle, but to constantly educate and develop themselves. She is also a firm believer that a company or brand reputation must be earned. Her specialization is in reputation management programs, issue management and crisis communication. Having worked on various international projects, Michaela also acts as a co-chair of the EMEA's largest network of independent PR agencies PROI, and as such is always full of inspiration from abroad.

MBA Webster University, St. Louis, USA; Master's degree in Journalism, FiF UK, Bratislava

Sector specialization:
Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Manufacturing & Industrials

Juraj Caránek

Juraj has been in his field for a long time, but the longer his experience, the more he enjoys experimenting with the obvious and looking at things from fresh perspectives. Always looking at issues and opportunities in context, Juraj never relies on the first obvious idea. He enjoys complex and demanding topics, taking pleasure in making them simpler for the benefit of common people. He often works on several thematically diverse projects at once and actually enjoys the fact that he has to face a different challenge every minute – call it hyperactivity or multi-tasking, as you like. Juraj keeps his eyes open for non-traditional assignments and clients, always looking forward to group discussions aimed at developing efficient and meaningful solutions.

Master’s degree in Marketing, Faculty of Management, Comenius University, Bratislava

Sector specialization:
FMCG, Technology, Construction

Adriana Čatlošová

Adriana has the ability to take a detached perspective and evaluate things with a cool head. With her keen sense for the detail, she analyses a vast amount of information and considers a variety of scenarios before making up her mind. Thanks to this approach, she easily navigates even critical situations, responding promptly whenever things start going south. Her ideas are often supported by a thorough analysis of surveys and data, which she relies on particularly in the energy sector. With urban and real estate development also being close to her heart, she is convinced that open communication and dialog with the public are crucial to the introduction of major development projects into the life of the city and its citizens.

Master’s degree in Banking and Insurance, Faculty of Management, Comenius University, Bratislava;
Institute of International Relations and Comparative Law, Comenius University, Bratislava

Sector specialization:
Energy and Utilities, Construction and Real estate, Healthcare

Peter Jančárik

Peter brings order even into complex assignments and issues. When seeking solutions, he always tries to see things through a new lens, making efforts to do things differently and giving each and every idea a second thought. His approach, which relies heavily on digital tools, new channels and technologies, often leads him to unusual solutions. It is such approach that allows him to get through to just the kind of people that his clients want to appeal to. Peter always aims for win-win situations, staying focused on the outcome of his efforts. Although he looks at projects through his clients’ eyes, he can be critical at times, especially when he evaluates a proposed solution as not good enough.

M.A. in Political Science, Central European University, Budapest
B.A. in European Studies and International Relations, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Comenius University, Bratislava

Sector specialization:
Healthcare, Energy and Utilities, Technology

Elena Valovičová

Elena has a fondness for words rather than figures. She likes to get involved in public affairs projects, continually broadening her knowledge of legislation that impacts her clients’ businesses. In her daily work she draws on the experience she previously gained from working in an international concern and the sphere of state administration. Her primary focus is on internal corporate communication – presentations of corporate strategies and values, employee motivation, and internal communication campaigns. She makes every effort to introduce fresh ideas into her projects, always reading between the lines to make sure she understands her clients’ expectations.

Master’s degree in Foreign Trade, Faculty of Commerce, University of Economics, Bratislava

Sector specialization:
Manufacturing & Industrials, FMCG, Shared Service Centers, Healthcare

Eva Stančíková
Finance Manager

Eva has been our clients’ guarantee when it comes to transparent and efficient finance management for 14 years. Continually providing her colleagues with valuable advice in financial and accounting matters, she ensures that auditors and tax inspectors always leave our company with words of praise. In addition, she makes sure that her colleagues from the client teams have all the materials and technology they require. Apart from her personal drive, she also enhances the quality of our performance by working as our ISO Quality Manager.

Master’s degree in Auditing and Accounting, Faculty of Economic Informatics, University of Economics, Bratislava

Richard Menczer
Strategist & Content Specialist

With his projects ranging from FMCG to industrials, Richard’s creative content combine his extensive sector-specific and general knowledge with long-term communication experience. He has the ability to see every assignment from various perspectives, which makes the outcome of his work attractive and unprecedented. He always tries to build his topics on two strong “legs”: analytical basis and an empathic approach to the target group. Not just theoretically, but – as long as the situation allows – also practically, which is why the finance and technology sectors are closest to his heart.

Master’s degree in Journalism and Political Science, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University, Bratislava;
Free University, Berlin

Sector specialization:
Finance, Transport and Logistics, Technology, Manufacturing & Industrials

Zuzana Janove

Thank to her diligence and more than 8 years of experience in communication, HR and marketing, Zuzana creates effective strategies particularly for FMCG clients. In her previous projects, she has gained extensive experience with community relations and opinion leaders management. Fully dedicated to her clients both as a customer and an ambassador, she is renowned for keeping deadlines and putting emphasis on high-quality client service and event management. Working with Zuzana, you can expect effective solutions and a critical approach that drives her clients and colleagues forward.

Professional Diploma in Advertising, DIT, Dublin;
Master’s degree in Adult Education, FiF UK, Bratislava

Sector specialization:
Lifestyles, Design, Food, Fashion

Tomáš Grečko
Strategist & Content Specialist

For Tomáš, content is his middle name. He loves inventing it and creating it, employing his experience of a political reporter as well as his knowledge of current communication trends. Tomáš hates fragmentation and instead prefers thorough analysis and explicit contextual grounding. High quality resources help him broaden his horizons, so he has his favorite The Economist always at hand and lives telepathically connected to his RSS reader at all times. These abilities guide him in design of such strategies that can turn great ideas into practical solutions. In his opinion, creativity is about constant trial and error. As a volunteer consultant Tomáš supports the third sector, from which he draws much inspiration.

Master’s degree in European Studies, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Comenius University, Bratislava

Sector specialization:
IT, Telco, Education, R&D, Workforce, European Projects

Zuzana Ozanová
Account Manager

Zuzana focuses mainly on corporate and crisis communication, which requires not only a broad overview of the clients’ line of business, but also of the related financial and legislative changes. With a keen attention to detail, she provides her client teams with a systematic methodology and keeps an eye on important deadlines. Having worked in auditing and for multinational companies abroad, Zuzana is particularly interested in internal communication and possible ways of improving her clients’corporate culture and employee motivation.

Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Film Studies, Connecticut College, Connecticut, USA;
International Baccalaureate, United World College USA, New Mexico, USA

Sector specialization:
Real Estate, Healthcare, Finance, Energy & Utilities

Adam Cagáň
Content Specialist

What Adam likes most are the types of campaigns, in which he can make use of new technologies, digital tools, and social networks. He does not like leaving his iPhone unattended – it is, after all, his connection to all sorts of social channels. When communicating with his clients, he draws on his strategic sales background, which allows him to size up the target group and choose the most appropriate communication channel. With an extensive experience in blogging, he simply loves inventing headlines and short copy-texts.

Master’s degree in Strategic Management, Faculty of Management, Comenius University, Bratislava

Sector specialization:
Energy & Utilities, Education, Healthcare, Technology

Michaela Lukovičová
Account Manager

Michaela enjoys finding ways to interconnect topics and activities of several different clients, as she likes to create partnerships that are equally beneficial to all parties involved. Preferring a rational approach, she looks for simple solutions to even the most complicated of situations. When weighing several possible solutions, she always picks those that can substantially impact her clients’ business. Needless to say, she has a dislike for solutions that have no real effect or activities that are a mere waste of money.

Master’s degree in European Studies and International Relations, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Comenius University, Bratislava

Sector specialization:
Food, Household, Automotive Industry

Maroš Pánik
Online Specialist

Maroš knows how to find a challenge in the most ordinary of assignments. Despite his efforts to keep his clients’ profiles perfectly sharp, he hates it when people call him a “social media ninja”. As for creative ideas, he prefers those that are measurable and effective. While others strive to keep up with the times, Maroš remains one step ahead thanks to various scientific papers, conferences, and workshops, as well as staying connected to social channels. In his free time, he maintains his mental well-being by watching funny ads and original memes.

Master’s degree in Auditing and Accounting, Faculty of Economic Informatics, University of Economics, Bratislava

Sector specialization:
Education, Finance, Technology

Zuzana Sadivová
Account Manager

For her clients Zuzana seeks solutions that are unusual, effective, and feasible all at once. Unless she is on the phone or immersed in organizing something, you are likely to find her browsing through a pile of magazines and newspapers. That allows her to use the knowledge gained to come up with creative solutions for her clients. She is at home in the sphere of fashion and lifestyle both as a woman and a communication expert, her major domain being product communication. Before she writes a single word about a product, she thoroughly studies each and every detail. With an approach like that, she can weigh the potential of available communication tools and find the most effective way of communicating what her client requires.

Master’s degree in Mass Media Studies and Slovak, Faculty of Arts, Prešov University, Prešov

Sector specialization:
FMCG, Lifestyle

Petra Konáriková
Content Specialist & Account Manager

Petra finds stories in places you would never expect them to be at. Her degree in Political Science and extensive journalistic experience, combined with her fondness for traveling and reading (blogs and books) broaden her horizons and provide her with inspiring ideas. The content she finds and creates for her clients effectively turns out to be authentic and unusual at the same time. Proficient in written and spoken Slovak as well as English and French, she even finds time to give language lessons after work.

Master’s degree in Political Science, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University, Bratislava

Sector specialization:
Lifestyle, Household

Marta Turóciová
Media Specialist

Marta took to browsing magazines long before she learned to read. As a prime example of someone who managed to transform their hobby of strolling from one news agent to another into a serious day-to-day job, she is on friendly terms with practically all journalists and knows people even from media that are yet to emerge. She looks for media-related opportunities that her product clients can benefit from, producing a number of quality outcomes. Her eyes never missing a thing, she knows what goes on in the media more than Google ever does.

Business and entrepreneurship, Girls’ Vocational School, Banská Bystrica

Sector specialization:

Martin Špeťko
Graphics designer

Computer graphics are not just work for Martin, who swapped his pencils and paper for a mouse and a monitor at an early age. Thanks to his head start, he finds it easier to keep in touch with the fast-developing field of graphic design, though. To stay on top of things, he also reads various blogs written by both well-known and emerging designers and visual artists. Preferring simple and clear visual solutions, he thinks of brand-related graphic design as something that is not just supposed to be attractive, but functional and representative of brands’ messages and values just as well.

Digital media graphics designer, Secondary Vocational School of Information Technologies, Banská Bystrica

Matúš Kvas
Online Specialist

To Matúš social networks are kind of a second home, which he complements with a range of secret weapons in the form of monitoring tools and internet search engines. He can truly get the most of them, acquiring information that he draws inspiration from when developing content for our clients. Ever since he learned to write, he has been taking notes no matter where or what time of day. Apart from his ongoing Marketing Communication studies, he absorbs the latest communication trends through new media and by tapping into his senior colleagues’ expertise. In the past, he has completed a study program in the USA as well as a number of internships.

Master’s degree in Marketing Communication, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University, Bratislava (ongoing)

Sector specialization:
Education, Technology

Zuzana Szigetiová
Finance Assistant

Performing a large number of operations on a daily basis, Zuzana ensures that our clients always get their invoices on time. She breaks down all of their costs, providing each and every client with a microworld of their own. She is always ready to help her colleagues when they seek practical solutions. Thanks to her bookkeeping skills, 17 years of experience and a sense of responsibility, she makes sure that her colleagues meet all important deadlines and comply with tax-related legislation.

General Economics, Secondary School of Economics

Katarína Biela
Office Manager

Katarína is the first person you will see upon entering our Seesame offices. She is ready to provide invaluable assistance whenever things and people have to be organized, her most precious characteristics including reliability, empathy, and courage to tackle any work challenge. Therefore, if you bump into her anywhere on our premises, feel free to address her with your issues and don’t be shocked, when she delivers.

Master's degree in Special Education, Faculty of Education, Comenius University, Bratislava

Our services

Brand Communication
Consumers are putting greater emphasis on the quality of products and services, meaning positive references give businesses a strong competitive advantage.
Brand perception is built on effective communication between you and your customers. We help explain and differentiate your offerings to a range of internal and external stakeholders through bespoke communication programs. We develop authentic corporate narratives, bring your brand alive and help shape stakeholder’s perception and expectations. Our solutions foster your sales and growth.
Reputation Management
Reputation is not what you say about yourself, but what others say about you.
Reputation is earned not assumed, and is one of a company’s most valuable assets. People prefer to use and recommend products and services offered by companies they trust. Effective communication is therefore recognized as being vital in business leadership. Based on reputation research and auditing, we aid you in crafting powerful and credible stories for the audiences who matter to you.
& Issues
Bad things happen even to good companies. Some crises are predictable, some are not. Still, you can be prepared for both.
Lack of preparation can cause reputational damage and financial losses, and therefore it is key to minimize those impacts whilst maintaining good stakeholder relationships through open and honest communication. This is why we help our clients predict and anticipate trouble before it happens through risk assessment, group training, workshops and preparation of recovery plans. In the event of a crisis, our specialists become part of our client’s crisis team.
Stakeholder Management
To be successful, companies must speak and listen to the right people at the right time.
Every business has multiple stakeholder groups and it is important to know who your key audiences are and maintain a two-way dialogue with them. Stakeholders’ opinions matter as they can be early indicators of market change and facilitate future scenario planning. We work towards bringing together interests that seem far away from one another, steering everyone involved towards win-win situations.
Employee Engagement
Employees are a company’s greatest brand ambassadors. Truly engaged employees are more efficient, creative and happier.
Employees who identify with their company’s corporate values and visions achieve better financial results for their companies by up to 65%. Authentic brand stories are created by people who trust their brand and showcase it to the outside world at all times. We help our clients engage their employees in building their company’s brand and improving its products and services, translating corporate values into everyday operation. We also support companies in hard times, helping them cope with challenging changes and restructuring.

International partnership

We are a member of PROI Worldwide, the largest global network of independent agencies. We have more than 60 partners in 50 countries on five continents.


Founding member of Association of Public Relations of the Slovak Republic

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