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Reports for people who don’t read reports

Our design and visualizations make serious findings digestible and accessible.

Globsec reports analyse key international events. It turns the spotlight on countries to consider issues such as geopolitics, the threat of misinformation, and the challenges facing democracies in CEE. Key findings that unlock a better understanding of the world – but how to present a complex world in a clear way?

Globsec appreciates that form is as important as content. Which is why they approached us with an interesting task: to prepare reports for those who don’t read reports. To cut the fat and get down to the hard-fact bones – making it immediately clear what really matters.


The Globsec Trends 2017 report was our litmus test – and we passed with flying colours. Since then we have created a number of flagship reports that leverage sophisticated data visualizations, illustrations, and intuitive design. Defusing the complexity from global issues.


It’s a familiar path to success – working closely together with a client for optimal outcomes. Using the draft report as a template we have a joint workshop to decide the structure and key points. We agree on the basic visual frameworks.

And then repeated ‘accuracy tests’ with the graphics team to check: Do our visualizations do the job – showing the essentials? Does the data presentation and data work together – are they a good fit? If the proposed solution is found wanting, then we seek a better way – whilst constantly seeking feedback and inputs from our team and the client.

Because we want the report to look its best, as well as the supporting content: social media posts, video explainer, interactive maps, and all other media. With this ‘no stone unturned’ approach, we communicate Globsec’s findings with maximum clarity.