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Stealth tax U-turn thanks to digital public affairs campaign

In September 2016, the government approved an 8% non-life insurance contribution, which was to apply retroactively to all insurance contracts. If parliament had rubber stamped this change, insurance companies' costs would have increased by an annual EUR 55 million, which would put them at the wolf's door. Some insurance companies would have to leave the market, and all non-life insurance policies would become more expensive. So we joined forces with the Slovak Insurance Association (SLASPO) to create a campaign that gained public support and pressure to amend the law.

We simply showed how the new law would affect most people.

We explained that the proposed levy is actually an 8% hidden tax. That would increase the cost of all non-life insurance policies, including those agreed in the past. So those who responsibly plan ahead would be punished. We clearly showed how its negative financial impact – with the average family paying an additional EUR 50 per month, and small businesses almost EUR 85. Video communications played a key role – with representatives of target groups personally explaining how the law would impact them, their disagreement, calling for public support.

We put all the info together at, where website visitors could calculate how much they stood to lose with the new hidden tax. And they could easily sign a petition opposing the change. We amassed protest votes through an online campaign, marketing portals, and TV spots.

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We protected responsible payers

The goal had been exceeded several-fold just a month after the campaign had launched. And most importantly – the law’s retroactive applicability was finally annulled (the new levy did not apply to existing insurance contracts).

In the campaign month:

500 000+

video views

61 000

microsite visits

13 000+

people expressed disagreement with the law