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A compelling digital campaign enabled influencers to teach Slovak teenagers how to protect themselves from high-risk HPV virus

Few young people know about HPV. Teenagers tend to shy away from discussions about STDs and vaccinations. So we wanted to find an engaging way to explain that this virus can also cause serious diseases, such as cervical cancer. And we particularly wanted to highlight that HPV could be vaccinated against. With the support of influencers and an effective digital campaign we succeeded.

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We opted to address the young people in their own language. So on the internet they often use acronyms, for example. And HPV of course is also an acronym. So we posed the question: WTF is HPV? Campaign ambassadors were YouTubers Expl0ited, Selassie, Moma and Betka. They had to guess what internet acronyms meant in the video we shot. So they know ROFL, OMG and LOL…but HPV? No idea. And teenagers who also don’t know were directed to  


There teens found everything they needed to know about HPV. They were informed of the risks, and they could also ask sex-related questions which couldn’t be asked anywhere else. Teens could also test whether they were at risk of infection (note: the site is now updated with a focus on a different target group).(pozn.: stránka je dnes už aktualizovaná so zameraním na inú cieľovú skupinu).


It’s proven very effective to combine a youth-language website and video with popular YouTubers. In addition to PPC advertising, we have gained up to twice the organic impact on social networks through sharing or engagement.


160 000

video views on YouTube

2 milion

reached on the YouTubers' social networks

53 000

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