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Brand activism in Slovakia: the Dionýz Ilkovič Award for top teachers

Brand activism is often about far more than corporate values - it's also driven by the dedication and enthusiasm of passionate individuals. PosAm pioneered an initiative to create an award for science teachers who go the extra mile - giving their free time to students over and beyond their working week. They lead extracurricular activities and prepare students for competitions. And by so doing, show that the Slovak education system can produce successful scientists. This pioneering project has been supported by the Ministry of Education since 2018.

We created the Dionýz Ilkovič Foundation to publicly recognise and financially reward deserving teachers and non-pedagogical volunteers at primary and secondary schools. Our expert jury comprises invited scientists from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. We considered which activities we wanted to recognise and according to which criteria.

The campaign targeted schools and associations.

We wanted to inclusively throw the award net far and wide. So we launched a nationwide campaign in the media, social networks, and newsletters for school founders and teachers’ associations.

We recognised outstanding contributions from extraordinary teachers from across Slovakia.

Since the project launched, dozens of new nominations are received every year. A major role is played by publicising the results – sharing the winners’ stories with the general public to showcase teachers’ hard work and boost the teaching profession’s profile.

The project helps to:

  • demystify the study of natural sciences and popularize their study,
  • change society’s perception of the teaching profession,
  • build a promotional platform for inspirational teaching figures who develop and support extracurricular activities.



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