Reputation Management

From competence to reputation building

How we helped Grant Thornton consulting to reposition Slovakia as a better place for business and build a reputation.

As auditing and accounting rather lack glamour, they can be a tough sell to the media and public. So its communication potential needs to be seen anew. The net needs to be cast far and wide – experts with a wider overview rather than tunnel-vision specialists. So that technical issues are viewed universally, and stumbling blocks are smoothed with solutions. We viewed Grant Thornton’s potential through our financial and media experience – and drew up a long-term plan to raise the company’s profile. This approach involved initiating a broader discussion about Slovakia as a better place to do business.


Over five years we soldiered away and encouraged legislative analyses and comments, sought international inspiration, and encouraged open forum discussions between the client and government representatives. Slovakia benefited from events and discussions about non-business issues – which also play a key role in the country’s future direction. And in 2020 came the impetus that saw this strategic approach truly rounded off. COVID-19 brought threats…and opportunities how to handle those threats: free webinars advising companies how to respond.


This strategy bore fruit with much higher media visibility, and Grant Thornton experts’ prominent place on expert panels and discussions. Qualitative surveys of large companies have clearly shown that the Grant Thornton brand is seen as advocating a fair approach between state and business. What’s more, the company is identified as striving to move the government towards better tax administration. And also, whose legislative expertise delivers client benefits. Our enthusiasm and expertise enabled us to unlock Grant Thornton’s potential, and make the consultancy a market benchmark.


From specialists to experts

Grant Thornton has numerous professionals who are specialists in their specific field. Building a brand reputation can be a big boost for any business. To present a ‘team of experts’ brands, the settings need to be tweaked – from the strict limits of individual experts towards universality. Our extensive experience enabled us to devise a system to meet this challenge. And the result? A team of experts who seek topics with communication potential – and can clearly explain them to the target audience. And we could create a mutually-compatible report. Ultimately, we don’t communicate individual, isolated topics, but rather the broader context with inputs from various internal specialists.


Our topics target today’s issues

It’s a real challenge to build reputation for a very specialised company. Achieving share of voice in professional media falls short – with minimal potential clients. But online economic portals are very popular – with companies of all sizes and sectors. Yet Grant Thornton’s aim has always been crystal clear: to set the economic news agenda of the day. But how? When economic intelligence is so much faster? The solution: quality content. Identify an appropriate topic supported by the necessary data, explanations, and recommendations from experts. Then carefully pick your release time, and the main economic news of the day will be yours… Which is just our approach with Grant Thornton.


Seesame’s experience and expertise enable us to connect numerous clients and sectors. Which enables us to build a strong topic that draws on the combined expertise of experts from several clients. And is an effective way to compile a quality topic with a controlled link and reputable benefit for multiple clients.


With Grant Thornton’s management team, we considered how to go about helping struggling businesses during the corona crisis. And also to develop the communication channels where we build reputation. We took the webinars option in which experts responded to current events, and also helped entrepreneurs understand the often confusing measures and state aid process. Anyone could ask questions. And the most interesting advice was transferred from webinars to media content as service topics.

Grant Thornton is a medium-sized company in its sector. Medium – but beautifully formed, with outstanding internal teams, expertise, and continuity ensured by over 30 years on the Slovak market. By combining these qualities with our reputation building strategy, we achieved a major milestone after a few years. Grant Thornton has a strong share of voice compared to competitors.


Table showing Share of Voice in traditional and new media:

CompanyOutput nbr.Output range
BMB Partners160157000
Grant Thornton8141000000


  • Grant Thornton viewpoints are regularly the strongest in economic media
  • Grant Thornton’s reputation strategy is a benchmark for competitors (shows quantitative research)
  • The number of media outputs has increased 120x in five years


Media outputs according to Newton:

602 outputs




266 outputs


184 outputs


64 outputs


5 outputs