Branded Content

A podcast promoting our client’s reputation in two countries

We’ve been living the podcast era for the last few years. Media editors, influencers, and even brands are recording their own audio. We created the On/Off by SAMSUNG podcast, which draws connections between lifestyle conversations and the latest technologies. In the summer, the podcast started in plain audio format in Slovakia. But in just a few months, a video version and a separate Czech-language version of the podcast recorded in Prague were added.

The purpose of the podcast is to bring new fans to the brand, strengthen the brand’s reputation, and inform fans of the latest news. We focused on a target group of people under the age of 35 who listen to podcasts the most. Sajfa became the moderator – a long-term ambassador of the brand, moderator, and influencer whose many fans also became our listeners.

We introduced the topic through people’s stories

Samsung’s domain is technology, but this only concerns a relatively small portion of people. Which is why we decided to talk about them using colloquial language and through the stories of interesting guests, including influencers, athletes, and singers as well as a graphologist, mountain guide, and doctor, who all took turns throughout the course of the study. It didn’t matter if they were well known in the media or not because they all had something interesting to say. And in addition to our guest telling their story, we incorporated a commercial break into every segment where a Samsung product was introduced.

The podcast earned a brand image

We played around with the title for the podcast a bit and came up with On/Off by Samsung. We also designed some simple artwork that was meant to best capture the essence of Samsung’s identity. The sound designer who created the music graphics also helped us complete this. We made the podcast available on various streaming platforms, including Spotify, Podbean, iTunes/Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

Success has brought us beyond borders

The podcast first debuted in June 2020. After five months, the video version of the podcast started to emerge, appearing on SAMSUNG’s YouTube channel. The visually attractive studio and high-quality camera footage attracted more listeners and viewers. Along with the gimmick of video production, the podcast also expanded to the Czech Republic, where actor and influencer Lukáš Hejlík became its moderator.


In less than a year, we created a functional new channel through which the client receives information about their target group.

We expanded from audio production to video production and expanded On/Off by SAMSUNG with the Czech-language version

The most successful episodes have been seen or heard by tens of thousands of people (the episode with Pavel Dobrovský from December 2020 was seen or heard by more than 50,000 people – data from the end of 2020)