Employer Branding

At Gemer it’s a given!

This regional employer branding campaign supported brand awareness of Essity in Slovakia through benefits that employees value.

How employees gave their company a great new look

Essity is a personal hygiene and health market high flier, yet in Slovakia this Swedish company goes somewhat under the radar. Which is funny because it’s Gemer plant is bursting with the latest super-duper tech and processes – which should attract talent like swans to a lake. But this talent is currently lost to other workplaces, when a great opportunity is just around the corner. So we put our heads together with employees to brainstorm the company’s main benefits as ‘At Gemer it’s a given!’ Employees fronted the campaign on billboards, citylights, company videos, and PR articles.


The campaign depended on quality insights to be convincing.

Company managers are generally a pretty confident bunch who know what makes their company tick. Well that’s fine, but at Seesame we do things a bit differently. So we left the comfort of the office to instead run the campaign from the field – spending months prepping and harnessing insights. In the first phase, we conducted structured interviews with employees in focus groups. Employees helped us to identify and select the key communication messages.


Motivated employees – with managerial support – became the campaign’s trusted faces. People proud to work at the company and happy to spread their employer’s good name.

"I'm looking forward to sharing the video and great new site with influencers who can help our recruitment efforts.“ Gabriel Júdt, campaign ambassador

The main regional communication tools were billboards and citylights, with four employees facing the campaign as ambassadors. We also used these visuals online where by optimising keyword search and banner targeting, we boosted traffic to the new career profile at Profesia. That portal also acts as a recruitment site. For the custom subpage, we prepared a presentation video that showcases the company’s values, workplace, state-of-the-art production technologies, and benefits. Since the company lacks its own social network profiles, we covered these channels through employees: many seized the opportunity to edit their profile photos with campaign slogans and took ownership of Essity.


We make the HR team’s work easier

We hit the bullseye with the appropriate claim, graphics, and media content. The campaign was a win-win: bolstering existing employees’ pride and boosting the company’s regional visibility.

  • We delivered Essity Slovakia’s first regional brand campaign
  • Content contributors were employees who also spread the company’s good name
  • The new recruitment site had a whopping 24,000 hits in just two months: 17,000 unique and 80% interested in job vacancies
  • Online support generated 10.5 million impressions